About Us

4 Seasons Farm has a long history of raising cattle. I grew up on a farm of 100+ Registered Hereford cattle. Our 12-year old son wants to continue the VanKirk tradition. He has even set a goal of having a 100 Devon cattle in his herd.

Our family has become fond of the Devon disposition and performance on grass. Devon cattle are associated with outstanding performance under tough conditions, making them a great choice for grass-fed forage only operations. Their efficiency and moderate frame makes finishing them out to quality beef much easier. Crossing Devon bulls with other breeds offers hybrid vigor and improved growth rates.

4 Seasons Farm offers top genetics through our semen and cattle sales; we currently have cows bred to 7 top bulls in the breed. Adventure Rotokawa 97k, Elm Crest Champion Q1, Applewood Farm Josh, and Pax-Terra Roy produce excellent calves. In addition, we take pride in offering the best grass-fed beef and pastured pork available. We succeed at this through our grass genetics and lush pastures. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information or to purchase a 4 Seasons Farm product.

- Bob VanKirk

Bob VanKirk and Bull at 4 Seasons Farm