4 Seasons Grass-fed Beef

4 Seasons Farm offers some of the best totally grass-fed beef in the industry.  We have the right genetics, the right pasture, and the right methods.  We have chosen Devon cattle and Devon crosses as our mainstay. We feed no antibiotics, hormones, grains, or animal byproducts. Through rotational grazing, cattle are moved to a fresh paddock every 1-4 days. Plus, we practice ethical animal husbandry.

Devon cattle are associated with outstanding performance under tough conditions, making them a great choice for grass-fed forage only operations. Their efficiency and moderate frame makes finishing them out to quality beef much easier.   In addition, crossing Devon bulls with other breeds offers hybrid vigor and improved growth rates. Devon cattle have been in the forefront of the exploding grass-fed market.

4 Seasons Farm Grass-Fed Beef Pricing

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Totally Grass-Fed Beef  - Sold by 1/4, 1/2, or whole beef
Price: $4.50/lb (dressed weight)
Cattle are:
- rotationally grazed 8-9 months of the year
- fed hay in the winter
- provided salt and organic mineral
- finished on fields of grass, including alfalfa, clover, and timothy

The benefits of our 4 Seasons Farm grass-raised beef include higher vitamins and minerals, higher conjugated linoleic acid, higher omega-3 fatty acids, and lower saturated fat.

Four grass-fed cattle grazing on our farm, alongside a tasty Devon steak.