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Registered Devon/ Percentage Devon Breeding Stock - Bulls, Heifers, Cows:
We offer diverse pedigrees with our animals to fit the needs of our customers and the demands of the grass-fed beef market. We have American, New Zealand, Australian, and England genetics, and are open to different genetic lines, always striving to produce the best animals based off of conformation and EPD data. We evaluate animals from top to bottom, closely looking at many important traits to ensure we maintain animals that have superb maternal instincts, docility, reasonable weaning/yearling weights, longevity, and excellent visual conformation.

Registered Devon Bull Semen:
We offer semen from several diverse bulls that have worked well in grass-based operations, as well as from bulls that cross well for commercial breeders. We also have A2/A2 bulls and homozygous polled bulls. Click here for bulls.

Registered Devon Embryos:
We offer excellent embryos for sale from top animals in the breed, and can also produce specific lines for prospective customers if the need arises.

Grass Fed Beef:
We sell 100% Grass-Fed Beef by the 1/4, 1/2, and whole animal, as well as ground beef by the pound. We also sell feeder and finished cattle on the hoof.

4 Seasons Farm LLC Featured in Altoona Mirror

On November 2nd, 2015 the Altoona Mirror featured 4 Seasons Farm LLC in a full-page article. The article covered a great deal about our family business. To read the full article in pdf format, click here.

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4 Seasons Farm LLC's grass-fed cattle grazing in a field.