4 Seasons Pastured Pork

We started raising a few pigs on the farm for our own personal use as 4 Seasons Farm LLC continued to produce quality cattle products. We provide natural forage and a large area for grazing and exercise. When our friends and other family members got a taste of this pork.... 4 Seasons Farm LLC was forced to expand!

Our pigs have their own pastures filled with clover and legumes, as well as woodland. They forage for food and enjoy the outdoors. In addition, we supplement their diets with locally grown hog feed and grains. As with our cattle, our pigs follow a healthy lifestyle and produce a quality product everyone will enjoy!

Contact Us to place your order. Supply is limited.

Pastured Pork:
- Sold by the 1/2 or whole pig
- $4.25/lb hanging weight
- Price includes all butcher costs, custom cutting, processing, and vacuum packaging.

Pigs are:
- provided natural forage, exercise, and fresh air
- fed locally grown pig feed and wild acorns in addition to natural forage
- No antibiotics or hormones are given.

4 Seasons Farm LLC pigs feeding in their pasture.